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Who is Dave Medusa? 


Dave Medusa has been knocked out of the nightclub game a few times, only to stage fierce comebacks setting the bar higher with each reincarnation. There is no one more prolific in Chicago Nightlife history then Dave Medusa. Referred to as the Godfather of Nightlife, King of the Underground and Chicagos Pop Culture Icon Dave is a cult like figure and is the poster child for constant reinvention and dedication to cutting edge nightlife. Sneaking into discos at 15 gave him his first glimpse of the debauchery that has become his signature style. After a brief stint with formal education Medusa escaped to Waikiki at 17 where he ended up living in a house of ill repute and became educated in the fine art of hustling and survival. When a friend permed his long sun bleached hair a local drag queen dubbed him Medusa. Who knew this kid with the hair of snakes would become the catalyst in evolving Chicagos nightlife, art and music scene by breaking down the social barriers that divided all the subcultures of his favorite city.


The rest, they say is history.

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The History of Medusa | (This is quite an interesting story... Read at your own risk!)


Read the article about Dave Medusa the Godfather of Nightlife... the life and times of Dave Medusa.

An excerpt from the article.

The Mid 70's // While New York nightlife was imploding, Dave returned from Hawaii to a staid Chicago

scene. Medusa began embracing and connecting with some of Chicago's wildest untapped energies.

The Medusa "Family" dressed in outrageous fashion, half skank drag and club couture began crashing parties, disrupting events, staging scenes and creating mischief.  After being tossed out of virtually eveyr place in town, the only logical step for Medusa was to throw his own parties.  But not just any parties, over the top, in your face, make you cringe, off the hook parties.  These were the parties that legends are made of. The first official "Medusa" party was at...


Click here to read the entire article and the history of Medusa.



Dave Medusa | Social Transformer (The article from Barlife Magazine)

Read the article Dave Medusa - Social Transformer (Barlife Magazine).

An excerpt from the article.

Decade after decade after decade, Dave Medusa has been an important figure in Chicago nightlife history. His gift in drawing people and creating new social families may seem odd, but it's as important as the clubs he has owned or parties he has thrown.  He is a mentor and unique father-figure for many, life in the fast-lane has not been an easy one for Dave Medusa. Nobody in the business has met with more resistence for their effort...


Click here to continue reading this article, Dave Medusa | Social Transformer.


Extra! Extra! Read All About It! | The Medusa Enquirer
It's the Medusa version of the Enquirer. 
October 2010 Edition...  A parody "sorta".


Click here to read the Medusa Enquirer October 2010 Edition.


A Photo History...
You'll find an assortment of photos from the history of Dave Medusa below.
You think you know all about Dave and his wonderful and amazing nightlife history...
think again, you have have no idea.

As Dave always says... "The Show Must Go On..."

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